Nude partner yoga

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By Todd Farley. In her stripped-down practice, couples disrobe and do connection exercises, including conscious touching, eye contact, shared breathing and paired poses. But if that sounds a little intimidating, you can give naked yoga a go in the privacy of your own apartment. Here, Leigh shares three moves to bring you and your partner closer.

Nude Partner Yoga

3 naked yoga poses to try with your partner

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. When Brandon Anthony completed his yoga teacher training, he began considering what kind of instructor he wanted to be in the saturated space. Maybe you just want to try naked yoga and connect with each other. Maybe you want to meet new people and build a community. Communication and stating your expectations is important. And that comes with responsibilities. Every single person in the world.

3 naked yoga poses to try with your partner

As a first posture and as a bonding ritual stand facing each other. Look into each other's eyes with love and affection or simply with laughter. Raise your hands and say the traditional Indian greeting: "Namaste". Bow your heads slightly towards each other whilst holding eye contact. Because you will be working naked with each other it is best to do all the postures in a warm heated room with maximum privacy.
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