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A helicopter pilot who decided to join the Mile High Club by allowing a woman to perform oral sex on him as he flew her over San Diego acted so recklessly that his license must be revoked, the National Transportation Safety Board said. The actions of David Martz were so dangerous, the NTSB concluded in a written ruling, that they put the lives of everyone on his aircraft and on the ground below him in danger. A call to Martz rang unanswered. In rejecting his appeal, the NTSB said both Martz and the woman unfastened their safety restraints during the flight and that her body blocked his access to controls vital to operating the aircraft in an emergency. During his appeal before administrative law Judge William R. Mullins last month, Martz, 52, acknowledged he acted foolishly, but said he has become a much more responsible pilot since then.

Sex In Helicopter Results In Revocation Of Helicopter Pilot’s Certificate

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They became aware their conversation had been broadcast and immediately turned the system off. My jaw hit the ground; eyes bulged out," Armstrong said, adding that her husband was also surprised. Did you really hear that? The tweets started about 10 p.

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A conversation between two police officers in which one asked the other to perform oral sex was inadvertently broadcast from an official helicopter. The officers were on a routine patrol in the helicopter when its loudspeaker system was accidentally turned on. A subsequent conversation between the two men was then heard by members of the public below in Winnipeg, Canada. The officers are said to have been unaware their conversation was audible to the public due to the noise from the helicopter.
Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you. Source: Shutterstock. The incident took place on Monday night, with several members of the public tweeting about it as it happened. Does the Winnipeg chopper realize the entire West End can hear their convo about blow jobs right now? Sounds like an interesting conversation between the 2 guys :.