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Sure, we American chicks know how to give and get toe-curling thrills in bed, but there are still a few frisky things we could learn from booty-lovin' babes abroad. With the help of Cosmo editors and readers around the world there are a whopping 50 international editions of Cosmopolitan and some of the top cross-cultural sex experts, we've rounded up the steamiest secrets on earth. Dig in to snag the confidence and hot bedroom habits of foreign bombshells. Always rushing through the arousal stages of sex is a shagging shame.

Bartender's Hot Sex 1.75L

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The characters are nothing particularly new. Sharron is full of masculine bravado, using his pieces to camera as an opportunity to announce that his dick is the size of an air freshener can. When they eventually learn about the sex ban, the contestants become deranged. Needless to say, the contestants find each other too hot not to handle.

6 tips for having sex when it's hot out, including ice cubes, showers, and cotton sheets

Who doesn't love hot sex? Sometimes, a particular sexual experience just sticks out for you as hotter than all the rest - whether that's down to the person, the location, or just something new that you tried. But what exactly constitutes hot sex? These people are sharing their hottest ever real-life sexual experiences and hot sex stories.
Subscriber Account active since. Sex in the summertime can be a sticky disaster if you're averse to sweat, body odor, and heat. Though not everyone's libido takes a hit, the heat can make couples more reluctant to get it on and even make it more difficult to cuddle.