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Sexual assault investigations can fall through the cracks when tribes and the federal government fail to work together. Twila Szymanski lowers the scope on her rifle, takes aim and hits a target in the distance. The shooting range is where she and her husband go to relax and forget the things they've been worrying about, she said. But some experiences are hard to shake. She said she's been assaulted three times.

African art and sexuality

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People have been going freaky inside their bedrooms for centuries. Look at temple carvings and books on lovemaking, it seems that there were times when the bizarre in sex was celebrated. But do you think that it has long since been forgotten in the pages of history? Think again. Girls of Trobriander Tribe in Papua engage in sexual acts from age six: The people from a remote tribe seem to be extremely active sexually. Kids start having sex at a very early age with girls engaging in sexual acts as young as years and guys between years of age. This happens with no social stigma, but wait!

Tribal Women

Make your link do more. The Namji tribe is famous for their wooden dolls carved with geometric features and adorned with multi-colored bead necklaces, cowrie shells, coins, metal strips, fiber and leather. The dolls held by young Namji girls to play and to ensure their fertility, are considered among the finest and the most beautiful dolls in Africa. They are carved from solid hardwood.
By Flora Drury For Mailonline. For centuries the nomadic Tuareg tribe have crossed the Sahara desert, sometimes being led by the blind who used their heightened sense of smell and taste to pick a safe path across the ever-shifting sands. Their men became known as the 'blue men of the Sahara' because the dye from their distinctive indigo scarves rub off onto their faces giving them a mysterious air.