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I have started dating a girl 20 who really likes me. The first time we had sex, it was great, and very comfortable. However, it is gradually start ing to feel more and more uncomfortable for me, and actually quite painful. I am quite a confident person, but this has hit me.

I was a virgin until I met my girlfriend and I’m finding sex painful. Is this normal?

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It is only when the spontaneous frenzy of first lust subsides that sex becomes a process that requires initiation and, more often than not, it is the man who makes the first move. In my survey of more than 3, people, The discrepancy is partly explained by the fact that men generally have higher libidos than women, but it also reflects gendered expectations about men appearing to take the lead role. Unsurprisingly, Saturday night and Sunday morning are peak times for domestic sex so, next weekend, when you experience that early morning urge, resist the temptation to roll over to her side of the bed and see whether she will voluntarily attend to your needs. It also ignores the rather obvious fact that male sexual desire is responsive, too, and if, every now and again, your girlfriend took charge, she would undoubtedly trigger feelings of arousal in you, too. As long as a partner responds with enthusiasm it seldom matters whether one person initiates more than the other; however most men, such as you, appreciate a degree of sexual reciprocity. When a woman expresses her desire to have sex with her man it reassures him that he is still sexually desirable and confirms to him that she is still attracted to him.

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We have only slept together twice in the past year. How can I love and be in a relationship with someone I no longer desire? You have asked a question to which there is no satisfactory answer — unless you decide to prioritise all other aspects of your relationship over sexuality. Trying so hard to reconcile the irreconcilable is making you very sad - and no wonder; such a gulf between thoughts and feelings commonly pitches a person into depression.
Subscriber Account active since. I'm 20 years old, and I have a girlfriend who's a virgin. When we make out, I try to do my best not to put pressure on her to give me oral sex or have penetrative sex, but we've been together for two years, and nothing sexual has happened yet. I love every single cell in her body, and I don't want to bring up sex if it could hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable, but it's something I'm personally ready for in our relationship.