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Sharon Stone has expressed doubt over whether her cult classic Basic Instinct would be made in The movie, famous for its graphic sex scenes, follows Michael Douglas as a detective who is seduced by the prime suspect of his murder investigation, played by Stone. One of the most iconic scenes in the film sees Stone uncrossing and crossing her legs in a room full of men during an interrogation. I doubt that it would have any form of the sensationalism it had at the time.

The worst sex scenes

15 Thrilling Facts About ‘Basic Instinct’ | Mental Floss

The Michael Douglas scandal -- The star of ''Basic Instinct'' responds to the controversy surrounding his work. Michael Douglas has just snuck out the back door of the premiere screening of his new, highly controversial film, Basic Instinct , at Sony Studios. The dance of decorum over, Douglas politely orders another Absolut and then dives, unapologetically, into his food. Along the way, he has become one of the most powerful, sought-after, and well-respected actor-producers in the business. But he has never been involved in anything quite like Basic Instinct. Right from the start, the movie was a magnet for trouble. It seemed like a perfect fit.

The Michael Douglas scandal

Twenty-five years ago—on March 20, —Sharon Stone introduced moviegoers to Catherine Tramell, a novelist and suspected serial killer who stabs her victims with an ice pick while engaged in acrobatic sex acts. Michael Douglas—who starred in another erotic thriller, Fatal Attraction —played her love interest, a San Francisco detective named Nick Curran. The much-delayed sequel, on the other hand, bombed at the box office.
Damage Louis Malle, As if the idea of Jeremy Irons au naturel weren't bad enough, the joyless thrusting he undertakes with daughter-in-law-to-be Juliette Binoche will damage any notion you may have had that sex was, well, nice. Basic Instinct Paul Verhoeven, ; pictured. OK, so she turns out to be the baddie, but Michael Douglas's grisly over-the-sofa assault on his girlfriend is as shocking as anything Sharon Stone's ice maiden musters in a movie replete with stinking sex action.