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Top definition. Imagine The Nerves. It is his most famous quote, and was created when Acai had difficulty FC-ing Soulless 4. These songs would trick Acai into playing them, and the joke repeats. As of now, the quote is dead as Acai recently FC'd Soulless 4.

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Urban Dictionary: Imagine The Nerves

Like most people, I discovered Acai when one of his videos popped into my YouTube recommended feed. It made me double-take: here was some year old with a smear of black hair sitting in his messy bedroom with a Guitar Hero axe on his knee. I don't think I've played, much less watched someone play, Activision's cremated rhythm game franchise since I was in high school. So I was initially struck by the audacity of the algorithm telling me that I should journey back to my teenage years to watch this guy shred. There were people making their own songs specifically to be the hardest, and fastest thing possible, to really push players to their limits. But the suspicion wore off almost immediately as I witnessed Acai tear his way through an utterly astonishing note chart.

Soulless 5

The tracks have never been released commercially with Guitar Hero, and are modded into the game by diehard players who want an extra challenge. It's been a 3 year effort for me. The pursuit to conquer the Soulless tracks has been ongoing for years, but it was only last year that DarklyInDarkness completed the first ever full combo run of Soulless 2, which was also assumed to be impossible at the time.
It produced me double-take: here has been some year older with a smear of black hair sitting down in his messy bedroom with a Guitar Leading man axe on his leg. I put on't think I've played, much much less watched someone have fun with, Activision's cremated tempo game business since I has been in higher college. Link to web app here. To download and install Clone Hero for Windows, hit this link and install the. Drag your decompressed chart directories into the songs folder of Clone Hero.