Strange sex practices

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People have been going freaky inside their bedrooms for centuries. Look at temple carvings and books on lovemaking, it seems that there were times when the bizarre in sex was celebrated. But do you think that it has long since been forgotten in the pages of history? Think again. Girls of Trobriander Tribe in Papua engage in sexual acts from age six: The people from a remote tribe seem to be extremely active sexually. Kids start having sex at a very early age with girls engaging in sexual acts as young as years and guys between years of age.

Strange Sexual Customs Across The World

15 Most Unusual Sexual Practices From Around The World Which Still Exist

There are plenty of superstitions which inspire, or we should say, force humans to indulge in simply useless and unnecessary practices. Some of the weirdest 'sex rituals' or sex practices still exist in our very own world which we are not aware about being in a civilized society. There sex practices will definitely blow you mind and make you think - why the hell do they need to do this. Some previous generations might think that the sex habits of the current generation are very unconventional and bizarre but believe me, the sex practices we are talking about are way more weird. Cambodia - Where parents prepare love huts for their daughters to have sex with various boys.

15 Most Unusual Sexual Practices From Around The World Which Still Exist

The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices is a reference book by Brenda Love , first published in , and republished many times. The book describes a huge number of human sexual practices , many of which are either uncommon or regarded as taboo in many cultures. Many of the topics covered are related to paraphilia of various kinds. The book includes over entries and illustrations. The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices is the only mainstream reference available on many of these topics.
In the past, people have been getting bizarre in the bedroom and things have gone much dirty and disgusting. No matter it was because of any lifestyle, customs or tradition, following the culture was only the thing they could do whether they liked it or not. From sleeping with a girl of six years to sharing a common wife for brothers in a family, here are a few weird and crazy rituals around the world that will make you say WTF.