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A number of TV shows about teens include sex and drug scenes. But ‘Euphoria’ is far more extreme.

Teens, Sex and the Media - Mediascope Tarrant Cares, Texas

Ah, the teen show. Aside from necessarily featuring teenage characters, a teen show could be anything from the lightest comedy to the darkest murder mystery. Many cover heady issues teenage audiences will confront as they become adults with sensitivity and maturity. Many do it in a trashy way, too. Often, shows for teens do all this at once, bouncing between serious and goofy at the drop of a hat. The overwrought, melodramatic elements of many of the Netflix teen shows on this list are why we love them.

The best teen shows on Netflix you can stream right now

The show is racy even by premium cable standards. The first few episodes of the show, which premiered Sunday night, feature abundant full-frontal nudity, a graphic overdose and several harrowing sexual encounters. A short-lived MTV adaptation drew ample controversy but fell flat.
Add To Favorites. Sexual activity is frequently portrayed in the media, but it is rarely offset by serious talk of contraception or consequences. Does exposure to such content contribute to teenage sexual activity and pregnancy? While more study is needed, research indicates there is a relationship between exposure to sexual content in the media and sexual beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. Studies of adolescents have found that heavy television viewing can lead to negative attitudes toward remaining a virgin and that there is a correlation between watching high doses of television and early initiation of sexual intercourse.