Tokyo ghoul uncensored episode 2

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After nearly being devoured by a ghoul, Ken Kaneki undergoes an operation that saves his life but transforms him into a ghoul-human hybrid. When ordinary college student Kaneki meets a girl who shares his passion for reading and asks her out, the date ends in tragedy. As Kaneki fights the urge to eat human flesh he meets up with Hide again, but worries that his deteriorating condition will place his friend at risk. Yoshimura teaches Kaneki how to blend in with humans, but when two ghoul investigators are assigned to the 20th Ward, Kaneki needs a mask made.

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Tokyo Ghoul

Anime covers a wide variety of genres and themes aimed at different audiences. Sometimes, it can get quite surreal. From bizarre monsters to dark storylines to unconventional ways of addressing adult themes, anime can make people uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this discomfort can lead to scenes and even characters getting the infamous black bar for the most absurd reasons.
Whilst enduring even more unbearable torture, Kaneki passes through several illusions monitored by a manifestation of Rize. He subsequently starts to assess himself, contemplating the fact that life Hinami escapes from Anteiku and is confronted by Mado after he lured her with her dead mothers purse arm in the manga. Touka and Kaneki went looking for her and faced Mado and Amon.