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Tuesday, January 27, Flash Report! Doc here, a man who some say was never a lineman for the county, with the return of senior reporter The Black Hat. He also notes some improvements and changes for the good at this location. My last stop anywhere was a rare uneventful visit to Berlin News Agency in NJ back in December so I was particularly hopeful that something would develop that I could get into.


WaverlyBookStore: Waverly Book Store

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Doc here, a man who some say spent years as a Civil War reenactor, assuming the role of Colonel Lingus, a fast-taking ladie's man with a wicked tongue and a strong jaw. In the rogue's gallery of Journal contributors, one of the first to grab a byline here was senior reporter JaxBchBum. Since he has cranked out reports from all over the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.
I have been there twice once with my wife and the first time I was running solo to check out the place. First time nothing really happened I was too nervous and was just trying to get a feel for the place. The second time I went was with the wife as I said and it was really different.