What hud does muselk use

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Let's do some basic math here since Muselk seems unable to provide much math to support his claim. TF2 has an average player base of 50, players per day on at any given time. So we have 5, players playing at any given time. Now lets assume there might be 5 different main skill levels for the games matchmaking and balancing. So that would account for an average of players in each skill level group on average That's enough for over 40 6v6 games on average per skill level in NA at any given time, many more than that during peak hours, and far fewer during off peak hours. This math is using several assumptions for player base, and the percentage of players that will regularly play comp.

[TF2 thread] Want to make BahamutZERO angry? Then use a JOHN CENA!

[TF2 thread] Want to make BahamutZERO angry? Then use a JOHN CENA! - Page 29 — Penny Arcade

December Who is Muselk besides a really effective spawn camper? Never heard of him. I'd be super surprised if Valve ever bothered to comment on the community feedback. It just doesn't seem to be their thing to actually engage with their userbase. Crippl3 oh no Registered User regular. Not popular enough!

What HUD does Muselk use in his TF2 videos?

Hackers will still dominate the game. Co Cod duty mobile of ogjoy. I used the mod because my age was young at the time but now I 39 m in the age of maturity and I wanted to go back to the game.
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